Is Your Brand Stuck in a Discounting Trap? Here’s How You Know and What You Should do Differently

Retail and Marketing directors are like Formula 1 team bosses. As we’ve highlighted previously, managing the challenges of bricks and mortar versus ecommerce is a bit like trying to manage two ambitious drivers.

Mastering Master Data in an Omni-Channel World.

Don’t you hate it when people state the obvious? I do, and so I’m not going to tell you obvious things such as, how many brands are competing for your customers attention. Or that customer loyalty is more important than ever. No, you know that. What you may not know is that your customers might be leaving because of the way you manage data.

How the High Street Needs to Embrace E-commerce.

Whilst its clear that e-commerce will continue to gain an increase in retail sales share from bricks and mortar, it is also clear that stores are not done yet and are coming out swinging, this pandemic has been a great example of this, people simply like to shop!